Pay Out Cards

The (RE)LOAD Pay Out card programme from Jade One is specifically designed for making international payments using a prepaid card format. Our customisable programme allows you to manage pay outs automatically via API, offering comprehensive reporting and control.

There are three different cards in our LOAD collection. (RE)LOAD is a multi-use card that can be reloaded at any time. It is our most flexible product and ideal for those who want a simple card solution.

The cards allow you to increase customer engagement, improve retention and loyalty rates and offer branding opportunities. These card programs revolutionise the customer experience by providing instantaneous access to funds and can be used in stores, online or to withdraw cash from ATMS.


  • Cost effective and efficient distribution of funds
  • Reloadable Mastercard/VISA/CUP prepaid debit cards
  • ATM, POS and online access where Mastercard/VISA/CUP is accepted
  • Access account balance and mini statement via cardholder portal
  • Cards can be customised
  • Convenient, easy to implement and use
  • Safe and secure
  • Increases payee satisfaction and loyalty

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