Transforming payments

Cash is no longer king. Money is old hat. Notes are outdated and coins are deadweight.

21st century consumers demand efficient ways to pay, whether it’s by card, wearable technology or digital wallet.

But there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re accepting payments you need to be flexible and adaptable. That’s where Jade One comes in.

Our platform transforms money into the format most relevant to our clients’ consumers.

We can load funds onto prepaid cards, wearable wristbands or onto evouchers; for tourists, event attendees, customers or staff.

While cash transformation is the core of our business, we offer added value services by way of event access, tracking and social media integration.

We have one platform. Myriad configurations.

Because there’s one thing better than having loads of cash… and that’s having no cash at all.